Estate comes of age

Estate comes of age

Original Source: The Ridge

Living with nature is a great way to unwind, and Kindlewood is maturing into a community which has embraced this lifestyle across all age groups, writes Brian Downie.

Kindlewood Estate has a well-deserved reputation as an eco-friendly community with a relaxed approach to pets and nature. From the early days of development when the plight of an ancient fig tree slumbering peacefully in the path of a road became a challenge for the construction team, or the scrutiny of a film crew from National Geographic captured the antics of the resident monkey clans, nature has been top of the bill.

The tree was relocated in a two-day operation, and the monkeys have remained an ever-present reminder that we live with and must learn to coexist with nature.

The contour revealing sunrise photograph taken in 2005 shortly before development began clearly shows the valley lines with the remnants of historical wetlands. These have been preserved and rehabilitated through an innovative stormwater drainage system which attenuates the concentrated flow from urban streets and prioritises groundwater recharge in the valleys and wetlands. Not only does this purify the stormwater, but it provides an enhanced environment for the reestablishment of all form of animal life and leisure activities on the walking paths.

Kindlewood has since established itself as a multigenerational community where all ages mix easily. The current development of the Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village within the estate is an indication of the acceptance of this.

By May 2018 it’s clear how the development has maximised the views from the hilltops and is well on the way to restoring the valleys to their natural condition. This did not happen by accident. The planning process for modern estates is a long and carefully thought out exercise. Bringing them to fruition is a labour of love. At the end of the day, it all pays off. Studies have shown that good health does not come from vitamin pills and supplements, sometimes it is just a walk in the park.

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